WA ready to employ again

Employer confidence in Western Australia has shot up in the last quarter even though the commodities market remains volatile, Hudson’s Western Australia general manager Andrew Tomich told MINING DAILY.

According to the company’s recent Employment Expectation Survey, confidence among WA employers has risen for the first time in over 12 months.

“The resources industry has seen the first increase in confidence in over a year, rising 18.7pp to +21.3%,” Tomich said.

“More certainty around iron ore pricing, recent positive movement in commodity prices combined with a number of environmental and foreign investment approvals for mining investment is resulting in a marginal increase in confidence.”

According to Tomich however, the growth in employer confidence will not transfer into a growth in industry salaries.

“A lot of people entering the market are more realistic about their salary expectations. We have seen salaries stabilise in recent months. What we are seeing is a flat lining effect because the commodity prices have regulated any dramatic upswings.”

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