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WA launches first transhipper

The Onslow Iron project in Western Australia has achieved a major milestone with the launch of a shallow draft and fully enclosed transhipper.

Transhippers are unique vessels that significantly reduce a project’s costs and environmental footprint, with the shallow draft allowing millions of tonnes of ore to be shipped without the use of a deep-water port.

Mineral Resources (MinRes), the owner of the Onslow Iron project, developed the transhippers in collaboration with naval architects in a Western Australian first.

Each transhipper will be named after an island off the Pilbara coast.

“The successful launch of our first transhipper, MinRes Airlie, is a significant milestone in the development of our Onslow Iron project, which is set to redefine mining in Western Australia,” MinRes managing director Chris Ellison said.

“Transhippers are just the latest example of the cutting-edge innovation being designed and developed by MinRes and are crucial to how we will unlock stranded iron ore deposits in the West Pilbara.”

The 123m long transhippers will be an integral part of MinRes’ dust-free mine-to-ship transport solution as they are fully enclosed to ensure no dust pollution reaches the nearby region of Onslow.

Those working on the transhippers will enjoy home-like comforts and high-spec finishes while the transhippers make their way along the Pilbara coast.

“The unique design of these shallow draft vessels means we don’t need to build deep-water berths, drastically reducing both the cost and environmental footprint of this landmark project,” Ellison said.

“The interior fit-out of these vessels demonstrates our commitment to setting a new standard for workplace wellness, whether our people work in our state-of-the-art headquarters in Perth or at sea on a transhipper.”

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