WA Government tackles resource sector skills shortage with online tool

The Western Australian Government has released a digital resource that connects jobseekers in the mining industry to employment and training opportunities.

Developed in partnership with the state’s resources sector, the ‘Working in WA’s Resources Sector’ webpage delivers information about current and future opportunities for jobs in the resources sector, and the ways they can be accessed.

The state government also announced cuts to  107 TAFE courses as part of the state’s lower fees, local skills program and includes courses related to the resources sector.

“This new online resource will ensure Western Australians have all the information they need to prepare for a career in the resources sector,” Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan said.

“We have made it clear that employing workers from the eastern states is no longer viable for our State, and we want Western Australians to be trained for future jobs in the mining and oil and gas industries.

“The new webpage will link Westerns Australians to employment opportunities and will ensure they have the right training to enter the workforce.

“Ensuring Western Australia stays safe and strong as we continue on the path to recovery is my number one priority.”

The new webpage will also showcase employment opportunities for women and Aboriginal people that are interested in working in the resources sector.

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) has also acknowledged the contribution of the resources sector to its economy, with the state having 420,000 jobs in the resources sector, with 50,000 created in the past financial year.

QRC chief executive officer Ian Macfarlane said the QRC has been running its ‘project your job’ campaign during the state election to raise awareness of the economic importance of the state’s resources sector.

“The QRC has been running a Protect Your Job campaign during the state election to make people aware of the economic importance of resources to Queensland, and to encourage voters to back candidates who will protect jobs and support the mining and gas industry,” he said.

“On top of the billions of dollars resources contributes to the state economy each year, our companies also pay Australia’s highest royalty tax rates, which collected $4.5 billion last year for the Queensland Government.

“This money goes directly into the state budget to fund teachers, nurses, doctors, hospitals, schools and roads so that gives billions of reasons for voters to back candidates who support the resources sector.”

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