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Vanadium project one step closer to approval

Future mining plans in north-west Queensland could be undermined by a lack of highly skilled workers, industry experts have warned.

Surefire Resources has completed an environmental survey at its Victory Bore vanadium project roughly 560km north-east of Perth.   

Results did not indicate the presence of any threatened species, marking a significant step in the process of approvals for the vanadium project.   

Surefire engaged Onshore Environmental Consultants in November 2022 to conduct a detailed flora and vegetation survey and vertebrate fauna assessment at its 100-per-cent-owned project. 

None of the plant taxa currently identified from the study area were flagged as threatened species under relevant legislation. 

Two flora taxa were recorded from the study area as priority one (poorly known species at risk) and priority three (poorly known species under imminent threat). 

Eight vegetation types were mapped in the area, the condition of which ranged from “very good” to “degraded”, with vegetation altered by obvious signs of disturbance such as cattle grazing and historical mine exploration. 

Surefire Resources managing director Paul Burton said the survey marks a significant milestone in the approvals process for the project.  

“We are pleased that the area has no impediments, and we will now continue to progress this to the next stage of being awarded a mining licence,” he said.  

“This good news comes at a time of increasing vanadium prices and increasing awareness and uptake of vanadium redox batteries which bodes well for Surefire shareholders”. 

A vanadium redox battery is a type of rechargeable battery. They are used in grid energy storage and electric vehicle charging stations. Vanadium redox batteries typically outlast lithium-ion batteries, with an operational lifespan of over 20 years.  

But vanadium isn’t the only mineral of value locked in the earth at Victory Bore.  

In a March announcement, Surefire Resources revealed that it had discovered strongly elevated aluminium oxide in the waste rock at Victory Bore. The company has since commissioned a study on high-purity alumina production from the project site.  

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