Urethane blades and conveyor belt benefits: Flexco


Flexco has received an influx of questions asking for the ins and outs of urethane blades and has answered the call with a comprehensive rundown.

Polyurethane—or urethane—is a combination of two chemical compounds. It was first developed as a replacement for rubber at the beginning of World War II. By changing the component ingredients in the urethane formula and varying the durometer—or hardness—of the product, urethane has been a material of choice for conveyor belt cleaner blades.

Urethane blades are not all the same, as the type of raw materials and the “pour” – the way the compounds are formulated – all affect the blade’s effectiveness.

If this process is not carried out correctly, the quality of the final urethane product can be affected and cause premature wear or reduced lifespan.

The proprietary formulation Flexco uses ensures a urethane with an optimal durometer rating to provide efficient cleaning, as well as abrasion resistance that adds significantly to the wear life – even in demanding applications – while still remaining compatible with belt splices.

Also, independent testing has shown that a urethane formulated specifically for superior abrasion resistance offers 25 to 35% longer wear life compared to other formulations.

Follow this link to find out more from Flexco about urethane blades.

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