Load volume scanning: A game-changer for mining

Many mines regularly underload their trucks, requiring additional truck movements to shift the same amount of material, reducing profitability.

During a load audit study, Loadscan found a customer over-stating loads by 13.7 per cent when measured against loads scanned with its load volume scanning (LVS) system.

As a result of the study, the customer purchased a Loadscan LVS and was able to increase actual loaded volumes by 15.8 per cent.

The Loadscan LVS accurately measures loads and generates 3D scan images that clearly indicate underloading, enabling corrective action (including operator training and coaching) to be taken.

The scans indicate if there is carryback in the bins, enabling it to be deducted from shift tallies. This improves load reporting accuracy and allows carryback to be scraped out.

Loadscan has also developed a payload calculator to determine value lost due to underloading.

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