Total Multis Complex XHV2 Moly Grease

The Total Multis Complex XHV2 Moly is an extreme pressure, anti-wear lithium complex grease designed to handle lubrication requirements for heavy mining equipment (HME).

The grease contains 3 per cent molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) for extended service capabilities and has been used extensively in centralised lubrication systems of mining equipment operating in Africa, Australia, Indonesia and Mongolia.

Further, it can be utilised within both the swing and ring gear arrangements as well as general purpose applications.

The product has an eXtra High base oil Viscosity (XHV) ensuring maximal protection of the equipment whilst at the same time achieving very similar pumpability results when compared to competitor products for the same applications.

The blend of soap, base oil and carefully chosen additive package of the Multis Complex XHV2 Moly allows this grease product to achieve an ASTM D 2596 Weld Load of more than 620 kilogram-force (kgf), thus meeting the Liebherr P3 specification for lubrication of slewing ring teeth for hydraulic excavators.

Liebherr P3 specification is the most stringent of the three Liebherr specifications (P1, P2, P3). The P3 specification calls for double base oil viscosity as well as more than double the load carrying capacity (ASTM D 2596 or DIN 51350) when compared to the P1 and P2 requirements.

In both of these categories, the Multis Complex XHV2 Moly exceeds the minimum Liebherr P3 requirement by quite some margin.

This means that one grease covers all the requirements of HME on a mining site, making rationalisation of grease products possible.

The benefit of this rationalisation includes easier stock management, reduced mixing of different grease soaps, leading to reduced production losses resulting from incompatibility issues from mixing of different soap products.

Other added benefits of this lithium grease product includes very good water wash out and water spray-off properties.

The Total Multis Complex XHV2 Moly is recommended for use in Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi and other leading original mining equipment manufactures, making it the premium mining, off road, construction and industrial grease of choice.

For further information, please contact your nearest Total Affiliate or visit http://www.miningsolutions.total.com/

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