Tinkler proposes new coal loader

Nathan Tinkler has proposed another coal loader for Newcastle, despite his previous proposal being rejected.

His original proposal, the T5 loader at Mayfield, was knocked back by the NSW Government in late January; the fifth time his potential coal loader was rejected.

It came after a long battle with Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS) to develop a new coal loader for Newcastle, with PWCS's T4 coal loader on Kooragang Island eventually winning approval.

However, despite the constant rejections and the greenlight for his rival's coal loader, Tinkler will again seek to build a new loader.

Tim Allerton, from Tinkler's Hunter Ports, told the ABC the mining magnate is looking at another tilt at Newcastle after his proposals for a coal loader at Abbot Point were also rejected.

This latest development comes on the back of the announcement that Nathan Tinkler is moving to Singapore.

"His principle place of residence would now be described as Singapore," Tinkler's spokesperson said.

"He just wants to be closer to the markets, to Asia."

The spokesperson said Tinkler would still travel regularly to Australia and would remain committed to his Australian investments, including those outside the mining industry.


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