Timken’s commitment to excellence in mining chains

In the dynamic sector of underground and hard rock mining, endurance and reliability are more than necessities; they are vital.

Timken Diamond chains echo a longstanding tradition of quality and innovation, which has been the cornerstone of Timken since 1890. This unwavering dedication to excellence not only solidifies Timken’s role as an industry leader.

The engineering team at Timken has a straightforward yet effective approach to developing these reliable solutions. With a firm grasp on industry demands, they work closely with customers to pinpoint the exact requirements of various chain applications.

This collaborative process allows for the development of solutions that aptly meet the operational needs of the modern mining sector, balancing both innovation and practicality.

Equipped with machinery capable of withstanding extreme conditions continuously, Timken Diamond chains are testament to the industry’s needs being thoroughly understood and met.

These chains boast a wider structure fortified with a carbon steel hardened pin arrangement, guaranteeing smooth operations even when faced with the most resistant rock formations.

A notable hallmark of the Timken brand is its commitment to high-quality fabrication. The process is characterised by meticulous attention to detail, resulting in roller chains with tighter tolerances, precise inner dimensions, and an elevated fatigue strength.

A testament to their robust nature, these chains are preloaded at up to 50 per cent of their tensile strength, virtually eliminating run-in wear and setting a new benchmark in durability.

Timken doesn’t just stop at offering products that are par excellence. Recognising that each mining operation comes with its unique set of challenges, the company extends Diamond-Drives – a service that provides expert solutions for challenging applications and new drive designs.

These made-to-order chain solutions are crafted keeping in mind the unique speed, load, and environmental specifications of each project, thereby offering a tailor-made solution that aligns perfectly with the client’s needs.

In addition, the construction of Timken Diamond chains is a testament to their superior reliability. Utilising high-grade carbon and alloy materials, these chains are designed to withstand impurities that could potentially compromise structural integrity during high-stress periods.

Every component, including pins, rollers, and bushings, is crafted with an aim to endure high temperatures and sustain peak performance levels for extended periods.

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Image: COG
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