Tier 1 mining companies using on-site TVs as an extension to intranet

The mining and resources and oil and gas sector is well known for its continuous search for innovative technologies to drive efficiencies, extracting as much value as possible from its existing resources, so it’s not surprising that they have recognised and embraced the potential to leverage its on-site TVs to deliver more than one objective. The potential for TV within the context of any managed community goes beyond entertainment.

Early adopters of Swift’s innovative entertainment and engagement solution, Roy Hill, is one of several mining companies that are now using Swift Access as an extension to their company intranet, in addition to leveraging its engagement platform to deliver more site-specific and time-sensitive information.

For example, during Cyclone Isla earlier this year, the team used Swift Access to deliver information about keeping safe, how to access essential resources and generally managing the well-being during a period of high alert. Viewing of messages via Swift Access exceeded 1900 per day.

The Roy Hill Cyclone Isla example was quite early in its journey of working with Swift’s client success team focused on helping companies maximise the potential of the Swift Access platform beyond a premium entertainment solution.

Both teams have continued to work together to identify, execute and track the performance of communications delivered via the Swift Access platform.

Teams at BHP are also breaking new ground by leveraging Swift Access as part of rebranding the OZ Minerals Carrapateena site to BHP. The team had the benefit of utilising the platform as an additional channel within their communications plans. While this project was implemented at a site level, the Swift Access platform could support HQ teams with managing a rebrand as part of a centralised roll-out.

Making information available to teams living on-site is critical in today’s landscape. Companies and their management teams are now responsible and accountable for the overall well-being of everyone living within a managed community.

Swift’s unique platform enables both the delivery of entertainment and engagement objectives, and Swift’s new client success team focused on ensuring clients can maximise the potential of the Swift Access platform through training, access to usage data and insights, inspiration, and assistance with implementation throughout the entire customer relationship, onsite TVs now play a very different and far more critical role than in the past.

The perception of the television as a more traditional device for delivering entertainment is rapidly changing.

While it is a very familiar device that most people find very easy to use and associate with traditional TV channel broadcasting, when connected to cutting-edge technology like Swift Access, its potential goes well beyond the delivery of TV channels.

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