Through the roof: mining pay averages $100k

Miners earning less than $100,000 a year are on less than the industry’s average national salary, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data released recently.

The ABS data shows the commodities boom continues to allow huge mining companies’ to attract skilled workers by offering large cash incentives.

According to the ABS data, the surge in miners’ wages vastly outperforms other sectors, with the nation’s lowest paid workers suffering a drop in wages.

Mining salaries have jumped 10% over the past year, compared to a 3.8% jump across all industries.

Miners now earn $1939 a week, or more than $100,000 a year. That’s around $800 a week more than the average worker, who takes home $1131.

Construction workers are also continuing to reap the benefits of the mining boom, posting a 7.7% jump in wages for the year, now taking home an average of $1140 a week.

Women across all industries fared slightly better in terms of pay increases, netting a 4.1% pay rise compared to men, who received a 3.9% increase.

However, men still take home more pay per week in every sector, particularly in mining where men take home $466 a week more than women.

Women construction workers took a large step towards parity over the year, recording a massive 13.4% jump in pay to $1002 a week, although still earn around $150 week less than their male counterparts.

The difference is also staggering in health and community services, where men earn an average of $1378 a week, while women take home $400 less.

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