Thermal dispersion flow switches

FINETEK has released a series of thermal dispersion flow switches that calculate velocity based on the heat-loss of a heated probe.

The reading is compensated by measuring ambient temperature.

The unit has a maximum working pressure of 100 Bar, with process temperatures from —20°C to 80°C.

The product is available in 304 Stainless Steel (SS), 316 SS and PVDF.

The sensor housing and sensor material are the same, and the switch includes a connector and 2 m cable.

The switch’s power supply ranges from 19 VDC to 30 VDC, and six LED indicators show flow and switch status.

The unit’s flow range in water ranges from 1 cm/sec to 150 cm/sec, and 3 cm/sec to 300 cm/sec in oil, with four LED indicators showing the flow rate above set point.

There switch no moving parts, and the unit can be expected to operate without maintenance in most applications.

Key contact:

Jim Walker

Director marketing

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