The turntable for installing flexible pipelines

Designed and built to assist in handling layflat hose, the turntable from Crusader Hose is a valuable accessory for installing flexible pipelines.

Easy and simple to use, the Australian-made turntable helps prevent the hose from kinking or twisting.

The turntable speeds up dewatering pipeline deployment, saving time and labour costs. Equipped with pallet locator brackets, the turntable accommodates different-sized pallets up to 1600mm.

For shorter lengths of hose, it can be used without a pallet. The removable pallet locator brackets are easily stored on the unit when not in use.

Engineered to suit up to 200m of a 12-inch layflat hose, the turntable is constructed out of mild steel and painted in a hi build zinc primer basecoat and Hammerdry topcoat.

The turntable is also ideal for reloading large hose reels when using Crusader Hose’s Hamersley reel drive unit for in-pit dewatering.

Customised accessories from Crusader Hose make handling layflat hose pipelines quicker, safer and easier.

This product showcase appeared in the February 2024 issue of Australian Mining.

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