The oversized bushing you need

In the realm of steel bushing production, the benefits of purchasing directly from the manufacturer are manifold. This is particularly true when dealing with a company like Sibo, which has been in the field for over 45 years.

The Jolly Bushing is an oversized bushing that stands out for a series of unique characteristics. It has been developed with a specific treatment that makes the external surface soft and workable, while the internal one maintains characteristics of particular toughness and resistance. This balance between external malleability and internal resistance makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Another distinctive aspect of the Jolly series is the increased thickness compared to that of a traditional bushing, so it can be reworked and brought to the correct size, to adapt to the seat, after it’s been rebored to correct any damages or irregularities.

The turning to adapt the Jolly bushing to the right size can be carried out quickly: no need of specialized staff. Furthermore, the application of this bushing avoids any type of welding, further simplifying the repair process.

Here you will find a video tutorial that illustrates the use and advantages of having a good stock in your warehouse.

Realisation and shipping are guaranteed by Sibo, a company that has been producing steel bushings for over 40 years.

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