The journey of Hengst Filtration

Hengst Filtration proudly reflects on its humble beginnings in 1958 to becoming a global filtration leader.

Hengst Filtration proudly reflects on its humble beginnings in 1958 to becoming a global filtration leader, acquiring Rexroth’s hydraulic filtration division, and advancing in the Australian market.

The Hengst Filtration story began in 1958 when engineer Walter Hengst laid the foundation of what would become a global filtration family business.

Appropriately named ‘Hengst’ which means ‘stallion’ in German, the Hengst brand represented the raw power of horse-driven engines and their intricate relationship with oil and fuel filters. Fast forward to today, the company thrives under the third generation leadership of Walter’s grandson Jens Röttgering and its new name Hengst SE.

Image: Hengst Filtration

The Hengst journey is not just a testament to its continual engineering innovation and leadership, but also represents the company’s commitment to excellence.

Hengst is steered by a simple motto to filter its strategic focus: If it works, take it. If it doesn’t work, leave it.

The timeline of Hengst Filtration’s key achievements:

  • 1958: Walter Hengst KG is founded in Münster, Germany
  • 1962: Just four years after its establishment, the brand showcases its innovations at the International Motor Show
  • 1970s: Hengst expands internationally and establishes of a production plan for screw-on filters. Company founder Walter Hengst KG dies at age 86
  • 1980s: Plane 2 is completed and inaugurated in Münster
  • 1990s: Hengst proves its innovative values by introducing Energetic, the world’s first metal-free filter insert, and grows through acquisition while founding the Association for Seriously Ill Children and Young People
  • 2000s: Hengst establishes its own aluminium foundry and expands its Energic production, opening a logistic centre in Nordwalde and expanding globally into North America, Brazil, and China. Third-generation family member Jes Röttgering joins the organisation
  • 2010s: Hengst focuses on global expansion and a period of strategic acquisitions. The company completes a new plant in Münster and its commitment to sustainability is awarded when the Blue.on screw-on oil filter wins the innovation prize of the state of North-Rhine Westphalia
  • 2020: Hengst diversifies into the production of medical surgical masks and air purifiers
  • 2021: Hengst founds the Health Care Filtration business unit with a focus on medical filtration products
  • 2022: In a significant move to bolster its position as a global leader, Hengst acquires the hydraulic filtration business from Bosch Rexroth and integrates into the Ketsch, Germany plant becoming the 21st location of the Hengst Group.

Backed by over six decades of expertise and innovation, today Hengst Filtration stands on a proud history. The company remains committed to its original values of innovation, quality, and customer care.

Today, with a footprint spanning across the world, global resources and a product range that sets industry benchmarks, Hengst’s entry into the Australian market adds a new chapter to its global success story, supporting its vision statement  of purifying our planet.

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