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The future of hydrogen in Australia’s resources sector

When it comes to building the hydrogen value chain, automation is playing an important role. Asset monitoring, explosion protection, and electrolysis control are all important factors when developing new hydrogen-related infrastructure.

As an experienced partner of the wind and solar industries, Beckhoff Automation is already present at the outset of the green hydrogen lifecycle with renewable energy generation.

Its PC-based control technology can also be found in collection points, filling stations, and stationary hydrogen storage units.

Meeting net zero will require every business to take stock of their emissions to make better, more consistent choices that are financially and environmentally sustainable in the long run.

Green hydrogen is one of the most efficient and future-proofed pathways towards this goal, and Beckhoff Automation has the tools to help integrate new technology into existing systems.

How are you meeting your 43 per cent? For more information on PC-based control for hydrogen assets, watch the video below or contact the Beckhoff Automation team today.

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