Underground mining techniques and technology continue to evolve

The mining industry in New South Wales is huge, although when seen in the big picture takes up less than 0.1 per cent of land across the state.

Mining operations have far-reaching effects, helping to support community services and initiatives far and wide for improved health, safety and education. Generations have grown up around mining industries close to Sydney, Newcastle, the Hunter and New England regions, while making a living and powering a nation.

Techniques and technology for underground mining continue to evolve, and mining offers plenty of progressive career pathways and opportunities. Towns out west continue to expand, while the lifestyle and wages can be very good with the right trade or occupation. Modern techniques and technology add to the mining equation, diversifying prospects and proving anything is possible.

Smart mining career options

The mining industry has huge influence, and therefore lots of associated occupations. Underground mining work is available, and the pay makes it worthwhile, although it’s worth considering coupling a trade or specialist qualification with mining expertise. Mining electricians, for example, are well placed, as are engineers, draftspersons and specialist drivers with appropriate tickets and accreditations.

Today’s mining wouldn’t take place without the equipment and technology available. Many mining licences and certificates that can be obtained are also good for hiring and driving large trucks and earthmoving equipment for outside work or jobs around your own property. In no time at all, workers can be ready to operate equipment and vehicles that include:

  • Backhoes for heavy-duty earthworks and lifting
  • Excavators for digging and moving almost anything
  • Graders and road building bitumen equipment
  • Loaders for low and high trajectories
  • Water carts and dump trucks

Hire centres cater to a lot of ongoing mining needs, along with emergency equipment assistance that includes high head mine dewatering systems. These pumps have incredible suction power and purpose-built booms, winches, anti-skid bases and mine-specified wiring and safety features.

The comfortable country mining lifestyle

The Australian interior has always presented harsh challenges, but there are plenty of beautiful regions west of the Great Dividing Range. Strong communities and bustling towns have grown around the mining industry in every Australian state and territory, and contemporary mining lifestyles include options for singles, couples and established families. Technology that has improved mining operations has also improved lifestyle options for people living nearby, making mining a win-win occupation.

Australian country towns are shady, green and welcoming places where a person can cool down, freshen up and enjoy the wide open spaces. Just because mining goes on during the day, it doesn’t mean workers can’t establish a patch of paradise. Setting up close to a mining town is easy, with all the equipment, vehicles and resources required available from Coates Hire.

The majority of coastal dwellers never really take the time to explore country Australia properly, which is mostly a good thing, as it allows the regional centres to grow at a more natural, organic pace. Meanwhile, underground mining techniques are progressing at a quantum pace, using technology that a degree in science fiction couldn’t even explain.

State-of-the-art technology and science plays a major role in all modern developments, and many of the advances are appreciated first-hand in the underground mining industry.

Mining business owners, operators, stakeholders and employees make up a significant percentage of the Australian workforce, and although mining ‘booms’ come and go, the opportunities for hard working Australians are here to stay.

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