The convenience of one provider with pay-as-you-need flexibility

The mining lifecycle has different phases, but there’s no need to chop and change between mining software providers if junior explorers choose the right partner.

MICROMINE is the only provider of mining software solutions that is relevant to every stage of the mining process. This means that clients can source all of their software and services needs through the one local vendor.

From capturing, managing, visualising and understanding data to controlling and reporting on mine production, MICROMINE has a solution.

And now miners can tap into MICROMINE’s industry-leading exploration and 3D mine design solution – Micromine – and enjoy all the convenience of using a single platform for all the functionality they need with the flexibility of subscription-based licensing.

Maximise return of investment (ROI)

MICROMINE provides software solutions that span the mining lifecycle – from geological exploration and data management to resource estimation, 3D mine design, planning and production control.

“Offering all the functionality a miner needs to inform decision-making throughout the value chain, Micromine provides the best exploration tools on the market in a one-stop-shop,” MICROMINE global marketing manager Kate Gilbey said.

“Because we offer a full suite of software solutions, there’s no need for junior explorers to engage multiple vendors to meet the software requirements of the different mine lifecycle stages.

“By removing the need to move from one platform to another to complete work, Micromine saves our customers time and money, bolstering their return on investment.”

Capitalise on flexibility

 “Using a subscription-based licensing arrangement removes the need to invest in buying the software upfront and then paying an annual licence fee,” Gilbey said.

“This can be particularly important for junior explorers who are looking to consolidate their software investment, move from a vendor they are not happy with or get access to specific functionality or a feature.

“If they have made a substantial outlay previously for software, they may not have the funds available to move vendor or secure the functionality they need. Being able to subscribe to Micromine’s solutions gives them access to the best and most comprehensive tools without a big outlay.”

With the flexibility afforded by pay-as-you-need, junior explorers can tap into top-tier exploration products at a low entry price, minimising the impact on cash flow and streamlining the procurement process.

“Pay-as-you-need means explorers can access the tools they need, for only as long as they need them,” Gilbey said.

Licences can be purchased on a daily, monthly or yearly basis, with upfront payment.

Clients opting for the monthly and yearly subscriptions can be arranged by visiting the website for an easy online purchase . Within minutes of the subscription being activated, the software is available for use, which means the miner can get to work straight away. 

Seamless transition

As one of the world’s top tier software and support vendors, MICROMINE makes it easy for explorers to transition to the Micromine integrated platform.

A wealth of experience and the expertise of MICROMINE’s tech specialists ensure work created on other software platforms can move over to Micromine without the fear that data could be compromised or lost.

Being able to re-use work created on other platforms, means miners can upgrade to the best tools on the market while saving time and money.

Solution for every mining stage

From geological exploration and data management to resource estimation and modelling, Micromine provides the tools miners need at every stage of value chain to gain an in-depth understanding of their project and increase the chance of the project’s success.

“We have bundled up the key software needed for the three stages of a mine’s life – Exploration, Geological and Resource Modelling, and Feasibility and Mining,” Gilbey said.

“These bundles ensure that junior explorers and mining companies have the tools they need throughout the lifecycle when they need them.”

Customers can select the best-suited licence for their requirements across four software bundles:

  1. Explorer: Providing visualisation, drill-hole management and analytical tools to optimise exploration projects, the bundle includes Micromine Core and Exploration functionality.
  2. Geology Modeller: Enabling geologists to use the best industry explicit and implicit modelling tools to map, record and analyse geological data the bundle includes Micromine Core, Exploration, Wireframing and Implicit Modelling functionality.
  3. Resource Modeller: Providing the most comprehensive suite of modelling tools on the market to build, manipulate and estimate resources for any commodity, the bundle includes Micromine Core, Exploration, Wireframing, Implicit Modelling and Resource Estimation functionality.
  4. Stratigraphic Modeller: Delivering a suite of stratigraphic modelling tools to model and estimate resources through a unique and efficient workflow. The bundle includes Micromine Core, Exploration, Wireframing, and Implicit and Stratigraphic modelling functionality.

Compatibility benefits

Micromine is a comprehensive and easy-to-use exploration and mine design solution, which offers integrated tools for modelling, estimation, design, optimisation and scheduling.

By subscribing to a bundle, junior explorers gain access to the tools they need from one integrated platform.

“Offering multiple bundles to meet the needs of exploration and mining companies throughout their entire exploration activities, we are a one-stop-shop,” Gilbey said.

“With all the functionality required for exploration across all activities and commodities, customers can access the bundles they need as their projects progress. Our software offering grows along with the project, providing access to the best tools no matter if exploration is just commencing or if the mine has moved into full-scale production.”

All the bundles are accessible from one integrated platform, offering seamless workflows and the convenience of a single source.

There’s no need to battle with different systems that don’t seamlessly integrate with each other or require employees to learn a new program – Micromine offers one easy-to-use platform incorporating all the functionality needed

Precision results

Project success often relies on the ability to make better and timely decisions. Offering software solutions across the entire mining lifecycle, Micromine provides customers with the tools and data they need for informed decision-making and risk mitigation.

“Clarity and reliability of results are imperative, and our software delivers that functionality,” said Gilbey.

With the best functionality on the market, Micromine’s software produces fast, quality results. Armed with Micromine’s intuitive tools, explorers and miners can quickly assess and investigate a variety of datasets and create a range of models, confident that the results are accurate.


We help junior explorers build digital capability that provides a competitive edge – drawing on more than 30 years serving the global mining sector.

MICROMINE is used by some of the world’s largest and smartest companies – from BHP in Australia to MMG in Mongolia and Newmont in the United States – operating on more than 2000 sites in over 90 countries.

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