Tell the truth for once: MCA hits back at CFMEU

The Minerals Council of Australia has hit back at claims by the CFMEU that the benefits of the mining boom are not being spread widely enough.

The MCA responded to comments made by the CFMEU in the lead up to a rally being held in Gladstone today.

The rally is part of the ‘Let’s Spread it Around’ campaign, which calls on the government to create policies which protects the jobs of local workers.

The union want to see mining companies invest more in local infrastructure, training, and an end to the use of overseas workers on 475 visas.

However the MCA rubbished claims that the industry was not doing enough.

“The CFMEU should break the habit of a lifetime and start telling the truth about mining,” an MCA spokesperson told Australian Mining.

The MCA stated that revenue from taxes collected from the industry was invested in vital infrastructure.

“The industry pays more than $20 billion in taxes and royalties per year and that’s before payroll tax, the carbon tax and the mining tax are included,” the spokesperson said.

 “This tax revenue builds roads, schools and hospitals. On top of that the mining sector builds billions of dollars in social infrastructure across Australia.

“The benefits of the mining boom are already being spread throughout the economy. The Reserve Bank recently produced a report showing that mining and its related businesses accounted for 18 per cent of gross domestic product and employed close to a million Australians.”

CFMEU Queensland construction and general division secretary Michael Ravbar said benefits of the mining boom needed to be spread more widely.

"We must ensure this once-in-a-generation mining boom benefits all Australians," he stated.

"For the Gladstone community, this means more needs to be done to support local health, education and road infrastructure, all of which is struggling to handle the rapidly growing pressures being placed on it."

Around 1000 local workers and community members were expected to protest in Gladstone today to demand action on ways to better spread the benefits of the mining boom.


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