TECO MAXe3: The ultimate mining motor

In the world of mining where operational robustness is paramount, the efficiency and reliability of equipment serves as the cornerstone for productivity and safety.

That’s why customers turn to TECO, a trusted name in superior quality electric motors, variable speed drives and automation equipment since 1983.

TECO has consistently delivered innovative solutions that meet and exceed stringent local and international standards, making them the preferred choice for equipment manufacturers, mining, engineering companies, and of course major end-users.

One of TECO’s standout offerings is the TECO MAXe3 mining motor, a true high efficiency motor with IP66 Ingress Protection which includes porous drain plugs.

This groundbreaking motor has had a transformative impact on the underground and hard rock mining sector, delivering unmatched advantages that distinctly differentiate the MAXe3 platform from its competitors.

With TECO MAXe3 mining, you experience continuous energy savings. These high-efficiency motors not only cut operational costs but also promote environmental sustainability. TECO MAXe3 motors deliver some of the industry’s best payback periods and boast a low total cost of ownership.

Engineered for exceptional efficiency, they optimise energy utilisation, resulting in significant savings throughout the motor’s lifespan and driving operational excellence.

With a totally enclosed fan cooled design combined with a high ingress protection achieving a true IP66 rating, TECO MAXe3 motors ensure the utmost safeguarding of your equipment, even in the most challenging environments.

TECO MAXe3 mining features high quality oversized bearings designed to handle heavy demanding loads, ensuring an extended motor lifespan. Most are equipped with oversized roller bearings at the drive end, these motors deliver enhanced performance, even in challenging underground environments.

Equipped with rotating inner and outer labyrinth seals, TECO MAXe3 mining ensures effective sealing to prevent the ingress of contaminants which eliminates both water and dust.

The TECO flush through greasing system features a true pressure grease relief mechanism, allowing the grease to enter the back of the bearing and be forced through to the front, ultimately being expelled through a spacious external discharge chute.

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Image: COG
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