Tasmanian mining exploration fears

The Tasmanian Minerals Council have voiced concerns following forest peace talks.

Terry Long, executive director of the Council, said proposals for more national parks after the forest peace talks is worrying, according to the ABC.

Long claims that several requests to meet peace talks facilitator, Bill Kelty, have been rejected.
He said that the creation of new national parks, which was raised in the interim forest agreement, may threaten exploration.

“There were only two parties at that table, forestry and environmental groups, and no one else including the minerals industry have access to it,” Long said.

“So it’s pretty hard to try and guess what the outcome might be.

“It’s just that Mr Kelty in the release that he put out and then withdrew; he was talking of national parks. Now, that was enough to raise our concern.”

This comes as the state has reiterated the importance of the mining industry to Tasmania’s development.

Tasmanian minister for energy and resources Bryan Green said the “importance of mining and mineral processing industries to Tasmania should not be underestimated.

“The industry contributes more than 40% to the State’s gross export income,” Green said.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently highlighted its booming exploration sector, which saw levels higher than before global financial crisis, with mineral exploration expenditure almost doubling over six successive quarters.

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