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TAMS awarded Pilbara Port contract


Marine and port services business TAMS Group has been awarded a contract by the Pilbara Ports Authority to construct a new outer wall for the $72.5 million Nelson Point Tug Haven upgrade project.

The Nelson Point Tug Haven was constructed almost 40 years ago to provide shelter and access for tugs that service the Port of Port Hedland.

Since then, it has seen deterioration due to cyclone impacts, and wear-and-tear from more powerful and larger tugboats mooring at the haven.

The PPA said the new tug haven outer sheet pile wall will be part of the project’s second stage and will be designed to better withstand severe thunderstorms and cyclones, providing a safe and reliable asset for port users.

The second stage of the project will include the demolition of the existing outer wall and the installation of gangways and pontoons. The tug haven upgrades are expected to be completed by mid-2024.

Minister for Ports Rita Saffioti said Australia’s ports are important in growing the economy.

“Given how critical our ports are, we need to make sure we grow and maintain the infrastructure, so that we continue to harness the economic opportunities that are available,” Saffioti said.

“Last year, tugboats guided more than 6,600 large vessels into and out of the Port of Port Hedland – which is why it is essential we provide fit-for-purpose infrastructure to safely house them.”

The news arrives as PPA released its April 2023 shipping numbers, where 57.7 million tonnes (Mt) of throughput was delivered, a notable decrease from the March 2023 results, which saw 62.1 Mt of throughput delivered.

The Port of Port Hedland saw a monthly throughput of 43.8 Mt, where 43.3 Mt were iron ore exports. This was a minor decrease from March 2023, where the Port Hedland achieved a monthly throughput of 46.5Mt, where iron ore exports equalled to 45.8Mt.

Imports through Port Hedland totalled to 198,000 tonnes (t), an increase from the previous month’s 189,000t.

The Port of Dampier delivered a total throughput of 12.8 Mt, a decrease from the previous month’s throughput of 14.7 Mt. Imports through the Port of Dampier totalled 108,000t, an increase from the previous month which saw 87,000t.

The PPA noted the temporary closure of the Port of Port Hedland in April 2023 due to Tropical Cyclone Ilsa having an impact on the total monthly throughput.

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