Tamec wins grant to develop roller technology

Tamec has won a massive grant from Commercialisation Australia to develop roller technology designed to cut downtimes.

The conveyor company explained that "a single Australian coalmine can lose up to $1.4 million an hour in downtime every time the conveyor belt has to stop to allow rollers to be replaced. With a typical mine replacing between 10 and 50% of its rollers every year, such downtime can mean a lot of lost dollars".

Its technology, the OneFits Roll, reduces operational and maintenance costs by allowing rollers to be changed by a single person without leaving the safety of the walkway area.

According to Tamec the product weighs only half as much as its competitors and has double the load bearing capacity.

Commercialisation Australia's $914 054 grant will allow the company to develop a prototype production cell, produce a pilot batch of rolls, and carry out field trials in a number of mines.

Tamec was a finalist in the 2011 Prospect Awards for Excellence in Mine OH&S for its DunnEasy idlers.

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