Tailoring the best solutions for dust control

Erizon’s supply, apply, guarantee approach to its dust suppression program gives the mining industry a complete solution.

When it comes to finding the best answers to dust suppression, Erizon’s aim is to get the right fit for mining companies with a focus on safety and economy.

The company’s solutions have proven effective on mining and industrial sites, including at coal mines, copper mines, ash dams, tailings dams and power stations.

Erizon operations manager Tom Corkhill says the company follows specific guidelines to guarantee on-site safety when applying its dust solutions.

“When operating on tailing storage facilities (TSFs), there are limited traditional application methods that can be used to apply solutions effectively,” Corkhill says.

“We have developed a fleet of low ground pressure equipment that allows us to access directly on a tailings dam with a PSI (pounds per square inch) of under one. This allows for a more uniform and accurate application.

“Erizon utilises the latest drone technology and invests heavily in research and development in other equipment to make sure we can access the site safely. We are looking at new and exciting technology all the time to see how we can improve the application of our solutions safely.

HydroBond is designed to penetrate and bind all soil and sand types.


“We have investigated using drones to apply our solutions – we are always pushing the boundaries to find a safer application method and pass on the benefits to our customers.”

Erizon provides four core solutions when it comes to dust suppression.

SuppressX uses a unique emulsion of microscopic cross-linked super-absorbent polymers. Perfect for ‘non-trafficked’ areas, the ultra-low concentration of SuppressX makes it the ideal performance product for mining, civil and infrastructure industries. 

HydroBond is a specialist blend of polymers and proprietary additives. It readily mixes with water and acts as a binder for all applications. HydroBond can be applied as an effective and economical dust suppressant for vegetated areas and is designed to penetrate and bind all soil and sand types.

Erizon has specifically designed the RoadBond solution for the harsh conditions of the mining, resources and infrastructure industries. 

RoadBond cuts overall maintenance costs, reduces dust immediately, increases road stability, is environmentally compliant and limits tyre wear.

FibreLoc is a superior dust suppression product. It is scientifically engineered for the harshest of conditions where polymer solutions aren’t suitable and sustainable longevity is required. Once in contact with the substrate, the composition of the solution provides a functional longevity of up to 24 months, dependent on environmental conditions. 

Corkhill says Erizon takes a rigorous approach when inspecting a site prior to applying its suppression techniques. The aim is to listen to the client and tailor a solution that meets the project requirements.

Erizon has a fleet of low ground pressure equipment.


“Our main goal is to provide our client with the best result. To do this, we need to understand the substrate we are working with. We follow a strict scientific analysis to determine a solution that will guarantee results,” Corkhill says.

“There is no ‘one rule fits all’ when it comes to providing a solution – every site we visit has distinctive factors. We specialise in being able to be flexible depending on a variety of factors.”

This story also appears in the September issue of Safe to Work.

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