TAI attack lacks teeth as they lack credibility [opinion]

Rod Campbell has previously had to publicly apologise for getting his numbers wrong on multiple submissions he has made against mining projects in NSW, and now he’s got it wrong again.

Far from remaining silent on the Newcastle Port transaction, the NSW Minerals Council helped secure industry consultation with the NSW Government prior to the transaction.

At the time, the industry received assurances that the lease would not present a further cost burden for the industry and that Port user rights would be protected. This was also publicly stated by the Treasurer at the time of the announcement of the lease process.

Despite these assurances, the lease arrangements are having a cost impact on Hunter Valley coal producers which will have implications for the local and state economies.  We are extremely disappointed that the NSW Government has allowed this to happen, and we have taken this up directly with the NSW Government, as well as through other means.

As for Mr. Campbell’s personal attacks on me, any suggestion that myself or the NSW Minerals Council pulls punches in dealing with the NSW Government is not borne out by the facts.  Anyone familiar with our opinion pieces, press releases and other media comments, (many published in Australian Mining) will know that we have always been willing to publicly pressure the NSW Government to support NSW mining, and have done so on many occasions.

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