Solid block bearing units are good as gold

When it comes to performance in punishing environments, the Timken® spherical roller bearing solid-block housed units are as good as gold. Which was certainly the case when Michael Greelish had these units installed in a Queensland gold mine. “These unitised housings have multiple features that make them a great choice for conveying applications in the mines and quarry sector,” says the National Segment Manager for Mines, Quarries and Resources at CBC Australia. “In the case of the gold mine, we began using them on their tail drums due to failures from contamination with their previous standard bearings. The Timken units have been so successful that they’ve now installed them on all the head and gravity take up pulleys.” The solid-block housed units are literally solid-blocks of steel that have been designed to eliminate the risk of bearing contamination. “These units are completely sealed off and come pre-assembled – unlike standard bearings which are supplied in separate components, the bearing, housing and sleeve is all included,” Michael explains. “With standard bearings, if you need to install or have to replace them, you need to remove all the componentry, and on mining or quarry sites, that means you’ve got maintenance staff trying to fit them on conveyors in difficult conditions. All it takes is one small gust of wind and the dust blows in and contaminates the bearing while you’re trying to fit it.” The Timken® spherical roller bearing solid-block housed units remove this risk. Read More

Earthmoving gear meets the cut – block by block

Although a subspecialty of the extractive industry, dimension stone quarrying is a significant part of Australia’s heritage – and continues to add flair and innovation to building infrastructure. A near century-old leader in the field explains how its extractive techniques differ to regular quarries and draw on fit for purpose earthmoving equipment to manufacture its products.
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Trained to deliver

CBC, the largest distributor of bearings, power transmission and engineering solutions in Australia, offers onsite bearing fitment and laser alignment training courses to their customers.
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