Let’s torque about tyre couplings

Where there is movement, there is power. A coupling takes that power and transmits it from one shaft to another, which may sound simple enough in theory. A kid pedalling a bike turns the bike shafts, which takes the power to the chain. In a bike it’s a chain. In a car it’s a drive shaft. But what about on a slurry pump at a mine site? This is where CBC’s expert on Power Transmission, Troy Markland, comes in. “Slurry pumps have two shafts, one for driving and the other being driven. The power comes from the motor and transfers to the turning shaft through a coupling arrangement,” explains Troy. “Joining two aligning shafts is very difficult to do without any deflection and misalignment.” For this application, Troy recommends the Fenner FenaFlexTM Tyre Coupling for high flexibility, which he explains is critical on mining applications. “Fenner® power transmission products have a long history in the mining sector,” says Troy. “From a coupling perspective, Fenner® is widely used by major pump companies, particular on high-speed applications.” According to Troy, this is due to their premium manufacturing facilities, installation services and highly involved after-market support. “Fenner® couplings are a robust choice for major pump applications for above ground and below ground operations because they have very good horsepower and misalignment capability,” he explains. “The coupling has up to a 4-degree misalignment which is very good for accommodating the gap between shafts.” To check that the flanges are parallel with the shafts, CBC technicians take various measurements to ensure the gap between the shafts allows for end-float. “Since the Fenner® couplings can accommodate a high degree of misalignment, this makes it easier to test for torquing ability, says Troy. “Sometimes we use a laser alignment tool or an alignment shim to check that the installation is parallel to the unit on all sides.” The couplings have a donut-style hub between two flanges that create flexibility for shaft-to-shaft misalignment. Read More

A change in perception: Building a case for raw edge belts in iron ore

Throughout his years of experience as power transmission engineer with CBC Australia, Tony Voiklis has concluded that raw edge, or cogged, v-belts were not ideal for applications in harsh environments. That perception took a 180-degree turn when he learned about the superior performance of the Carlisle Power-Wedge Cog-Belt by Timken. As manager of power transmission applications in South Australia and Northern Territory for Industrial Solutions Australia – the largest distributor of power transmission products in Australia and CBC’s parent company – Tony often engages with sales teams across the Industrial Solutions Australia business network to provide them with product training.  The solution Tony says he often recommended to his customers and sales teams for drive belts in harsh conditions was to upgrade to heavy-duty or wrapped v-belts. While this ensured longevity under harsh conditions, these belts could be substantially dearer in cost compared to the raw edge Carlisle Power-Wedge Cog-Belt.  “Our experience with other brands of raw edge cogged belts was that when contaminated with dust and dirt in harsh applications, such as those in mines and quarries, these belts heated up quickly, which made the rubber material hard and brittle. This further increased risk of premature belt failure and created other problems such as the belts slipping excessively,” says Tony. Read More

Rexnord, CBC join forces to keep mine in motion

Extreme industrial applications demand gear drives that perform reliably every day. So when Andrew Sirl, a CBC Technical Services Manager, learned that his customer, a major South East Asian mining operation, was running an outdated gear reducer on their reclaim water pumps, he proposed an upgrade. The mining operation, as Andrew explains, was using an aged FalkTM Y-Series gear reducer on water reclaim pumps which were critical to the mine’s operations. The gear reducers had been in service for 40 plus years, in itself a testament to Falk quality but meant they had outdated gear design technology which was no longer stocked. Every time the site needed to refurbish the gear reducers, components such as the gearing, housing and shafts had to be individually manufactured as indent items. In consultation with engineers from Rexnord Australia, the CBC technical team proposed replacing the dated unit with a new gearbox that would feature more torque capacity, higher thermal performance and more convenient servicing: the Falk V-Class. Read More

Trained to deliver

CBC, the largest distributor of bearings, power transmission and engineering solutions in Australia, offers onsite bearing fitment and laser alignment training courses to their customers.
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