Adhering to the LOCTITE liquid threadlocker legacy

Did you know? On a conventional bolted assembly, there is only 15 per cent metal-to-metal contact and the remaining 85 per cent is simply open air? Conventional mechanical fasteners such as double nuts, spring washers, nylon insert nuts and toothed flange bolts often fail to provide security when up against vibration, thermal expansion, corrosion, bending and torque. A threadlocker on the other hand, is an adhesive solution that effectively “locks” your assembly securely in place, forming a strong bond that ensures load bearing capabilities and seals all gaps.  Liquid threadlocker was invented in 1953 by a chemistry professor named Vernon K. Krieble who saw a need for a practical adhesive solution that would secure nuts, bolts, and threaded fasteners in place with a bond that was airtight, strong, and flexible. And so, using a complex mix of chemistry and engineering, the LOCTITE® liquid threadlocker was first born. From there, Krieble became the founder of the LOCTITE brand which today is the longest standing manufacturer of threadlocker products in the world. 
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