HydroBond: Dust suppression for revegetation

Australian companies operating in the mining, civil and infrastructure, energy, defence, and rail industries are working with environmental solutions providers to control dust risk on-site. While dust suppression solutions can immediately prevent dust particles from going airborne, revegetation is the longer-term and more sustainable approach.
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Miners act on unacceptable dust exposures

While the focus for many has been on the reduction of dust exposure limits across Australia, experts from Australia’s leading professional association for occupational hygienists challenge the mining sector to shift its attention to the effectiveness of dust controls implemented in the workplace.
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Sweeping Dust-A-Side from pit to port

The mining industry is working hard to meet ever tightening standards on dust suppression, which can be a problem across mine sites from processing plants to haul roads. Dust-A-Side discusses its range of dust suppression solutions for all areas of the mine site.
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Erizon rehabilitates Kanmantoo mine site

An effective revegetation strategy starts with a comprehensive soil analysis. Only then can a site-specific solution be developed for optimal rehabilitation and soil stabilisation. This case study shows the necessary steps to minimise dust and stabilise soil on batters around a typical mine operation.
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