Rust is a symptom of industrial work sites, usually forming when steel or iron becomes exposed to water and oxygen for periods of time.

The rust is history

Rust is a pesky symptom of industrial work sites, usually forming when steel or iron becomes exposed to water and oxygen for extended periods of time. While actions can be taken to avoid excessive build-up on tools and equipment, it persists as a common problem in dust and moisture-heavy environments. Read More

The full spectrum of protection for cleaner equipment

A mine attracts dust, dirt, and grime which left unchecked, can erode electrical cords, cables, and connectors, slow down bearings and gearboxes and cause machinery to idle. Improper cleaning and maintenance of components can slow production to a halt, costing companies thousands in precious time and resources. CRC Industries has been servicing the mining and quarrying sector in Australia since the 1970s when they first began manufacturing in the country. Today they are one of the major players in the sector and have partnered with CBC on services. “CBC has had a relationship with CRC for a very long time. They are very good with supply and inquiries,” says Chris Anderson, the Area Business Manager for the Dubbo CBC branch. “Our branch is in proximity to several major mines in the area which allows us to provide better service to the sites. We try to meet with customers on site as often as possible to ensure they are getting consumable products like lubricants, cleaners, and degreasers to keep things in motion.” Business Development Manager at CRC, David Bailey discusses the specific CRC products that have been developed as solutions to common issues on a mine site. “Two of our most popular products are our CO and NF Contact Cleaners, which have a massive turnover in the mining segment,” says David. “On mine sites, there are electronics everywhere. All of this gets affected by dust and dirt and they need something to clean these contacts so that all the components keep operating at their peak performance.” The CO Contact Cleaner contains COZOL – a proprietary blend of solvents which is non-corrosive and evaporative, leaving no stains or grease behind. “This is a great solution for cleaning relays, switches, circuit boards and breakers, alarm and signal systems, terminals, plugs and jacks,” enthuses David. CRC NF Contact Cleaner offers a similar solution as a non-flammable option with no flash point. “More and more we are getting requests for non-flammable products, so we have a number of different NF aerosols in our range now that suit the mining industry,” says David. “The aim with non-flammable is to reduce incidents and potential to harm workers.” Read More

CRC products for safer, more sustainable mines

Both safety and environmental sustainability are pivotal issues for any successful mine management strategy. Mines are constantly under pressure and scrutiny to improve their workplace safety practices. Similarly, the pressure on mines to step up their environmental sustainability goals has never been greater.  The Deliotte ‘Tracking the Trends in 2021’ report, which tracks key trends in the mining industry each year, notes how it’s important for mines to balance short-term economic factors with long-term environmental impacts. It also points out to the importance of comprehensive environmental protection plans in bridging the trust gap between mines and their communities.  Read More

CRC and CBC promote efficient asset management for mines

Proper maintenance of mobile fleets on a mine site is as important as managing the fixed equipment to ensure maximum asset life for the mine. This is an area where, CBC, as a leading distributor of specialty cleaning products, draws on its longstanding relationship with CRC to provide aerosol and bulk lubricants, anti-corrosion and chemical maintenance products to major mines across Australia.
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