Building on solid foundations

In the search for the perfect epoxy grouting compound to install critically aligned machinery for mining, site engineers often look for these attributes: high compressive strength, high impact strength, resistance to fatigue, ease of mixing and levelling, fast curing, low shrinkage and resistance to weathering and chemicals.  The Epirez® Chockfast® Red and Chockfast® Orange compounds from ITW Polymers and Fluids (ITW P&F) meet all of those requirements, and more.  As Michael Rowe, BSC Product Manager for Adhesives and Sealants explains, the three-component Chockfast Red epoxy has been formulated with low exotherm to allow for large-volume pours of up to 450 millimetres in thickness and 2.2 metres in length without shrinkage or cracking.  “This makes Chockfast Red the ideal product for the final positioning of heavy machinery such as compressors, pumps, bearings blocks, crane rails and other such applications,” he says. While the Chockfast Red is best suited for large volume-pours, the Epirez Chockfast Orange is best suited for chocking in depths of 12 to 100 millimetres. In Australia, as Michael explains, the Chockfast Orange compound has come to be known mostly for its applications in the marine industry.
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