A change in perception: Building a case for raw edge belts in iron ore

Throughout his years of experience as power transmission engineer with CBC Australia, Tony Voiklis has concluded that raw edge, or cogged, v-belts were not ideal for applications in harsh environments. That perception took a 180-degree turn when he learned about the superior performance of the Carlisle Power-Wedge Cog-Belt by Timken. As manager of power transmission applications in South Australia and Northern Territory for Industrial Solutions Australia – the largest distributor of power transmission products in Australia and CBC’s parent company – Tony often engages with sales teams across the Industrial Solutions Australia business network to provide them with product training.  The solution Tony says he often recommended to his customers and sales teams for drive belts in harsh conditions was to upgrade to heavy-duty or wrapped v-belts. While this ensured longevity under harsh conditions, these belts could be substantially dearer in cost compared to the raw edge Carlisle Power-Wedge Cog-Belt.  “Our experience with other brands of raw edge cogged belts was that when contaminated with dust and dirt in harsh applications, such as those in mines and quarries, these belts heated up quickly, which made the rubber material hard and brittle. This further increased risk of premature belt failure and created other problems such as the belts slipping excessively,” says Tony. Read More