Support for female FIFO workers needs attention: AusIMM

The Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) has found that although women’s participation is slowly increasing, support for the gender in mining still requires “critical attention”.

This is particularly so for women working in fly-in fly-out (FIFO) roles, who listed cleanliness issues, diversity and inconsistent experiences as key focus areas.

This data was gathered from AusIMM’s 2020 national women in mining survey, which had more than 700 participants.

Sixty-two per cent of the female respondents indicated that they did not perceive the resources industry as diverse, a 5 per cent increase on the 2019 survey results.

The survey also found that 20 per cent of female FIFO workers frequently experienced time pressures in relation to toilet access, which was double that of their office-based colleagues, while 15 per cent faced cleanliness issues.

AusIMM chief executive officer Stephen Durkin said the organisation recognised that the industry must make diversity in the workplace a major priority.

“The numbers make it very clear that there are still areas of our industry requiring greater attention and one of these is the experiences of women,” Durkin said.

“Our 2020 survey shows that diversity and inclusion is eight times more likely to be a priority for women in the industry.

“AusIMM is deeply committed to playing a strong leadership role to help create meaningful change.”

Key focus areas going forward also included equal employment opportunities (29 per cent), flexible workplaces (25 per cent) and an increase in industry leadership (18 per cent).

This is the second year AusIMM ran the women in mining survey in a move to progress and prioritise creating a diverse industry.

AusIMM released the survey results across Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane as part of its recent International Women’s Day Luncheon series.

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