Stronger and harder steel increases uptime


Providing high-strength and abrasion-resistant steel to the industry is a specialty for Bisalloy Steels, But the company also has a major focus on services and support that really sets it apart.

Bisalloy Steels is the only manufacturer of high-strength, abrasion-resistant, quenched and tempered steel plate in Australia.

Due to its highly trusted products, and their widespread use, BISALLOY (the product itself) has become the name for quenched and tempered performance steels in the country and across parts of Asia.

Bisalloy’s steel is typically used for wear-resistant, structural and armour applications and is all manufactured in its base in Unanderra, near Wollongong in New South Wales.

Bisalloy Steels national business development manager of mining Geoff Lewis told Australian Mining its specialised quenched and tempered steel is a niche product within the steel industry.

“The plate has very unique properties that allows it to be used in very high-wear or abrasive applications, and the reason it’s able to hold up is in the properties of the steel,” Lewis said.

“Hardness is very important, but the range of Bisalloy products and their properties also allow for the plate to be processed into varying applications where abrasion resistance and toughness are needed.”

Bisalloy specialised quenched and tempered steel is a niche product within the steel industry.


As a specialist performance Australian steel manufacturer and supplier, Bisalloy Steels responds to customer demands and market changes quickly and is committed to and focused on continuous product development.

“Our strategy is to work very closely within the Australian mining industry. We want to work with the mining companies and the mine sites, but also with the associated companies that deal with mines; for example, mining contractors and engineering houses,” Lewis said.

“We want to listen to what their needs and requirements are for wear technology, and work with them in further developing existing products, or helping to develop new products that increase wear life to contribute to greater uptime.”

Bisalloy high-strength steel is also used when it comes to transport equipment and structural components such as trays, low loaders, trailers, dump trucks and excavator buckets.

By using BISALLOY, mines and mine equipment fleets can not only increase their uptime, but also their payload.

“For most applications, both types of steel, high-strength BISALLOY STRUCTURAL steel and abrasion-resistant BISALLOY WEAR steel, are designed and used in varying parts of the equipment,” Lewis said.

“By working with mines, contractors, and engineering houses, Bisalloy offers local technical sales support that can provide every opportunity at the design phase to ensure equipment is as light and strong as possible, enabling them to carry more material and reduce the regular maintenance cycle by having a longer lasting material in their equipment.”

The Australian steel industry is continuously working toward technology advancement through ongoing collaboration with companies in the field.

“Bisalloy has been servicing the mining industry for over 40 years. Our products have continued to be developed and evolve over time, and that’s by listening to the market’s needs,” Lewis said.

“Bisalloy being an Australian-owned company is not just about production. It also offers support for the market to discuss with our local in-country technical and research and development team about wear technology, and for us to listen to what the mine sites are aiming for.”

The Bisalloy technical team is also based in Unanderra at the head office and production site. That team is primarily responsible for product development and quality, but also for supporting the mining sector with visits, discussing wear technology and technology developments, and advancements in mining applications.

In addition to the sales and technical team, Bisalloy has a national distribution and dealer network with dealers in every state.

“That includes not just capital cities but also in regional Australia as well,” Lewis said.

“That enables Bisalloy products to be held closer to the end user, which in this case is the mines. Those dealers can offer from full plate to an extensive capability of processed parts of Bisalloy steel to the mines and services companies.” 

This feature appeared in the April issue of Australian Mining.

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