Spark of transformation: How a coal wash plant soared to success

Efficiency reigns supreme in the mining sector, where downtime is the enemy of profitability. Every moment of equipment failure is a missed opportunity to extract valuable resources and generate revenue. Consistent equipment breakdowns can take a toll on a mine’s bottom line over, eroding profit margins and jeopardising the success of the operation.

Motion’s team of engineering experts specialise in providing personalised solutions to meet the unique needs of individuals and businesses in the mining sector. As a full-service provider, the team is able to facilitate maintenance, refurbishment, repairs and overhauls through the entire life cycle of industry equipment and machinery.

“We were able to save the coal wash plant a significant amount of cost after the second-hand gear box was sourced and fitted, which was a massive win for them,” Motion Australia national accounts manager Michael Greelish said when describing the outcome of an engineering solution for a customer.

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