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Motion is delivering its “world-class customer-first” approach to the Australian mining industry.

Motion has maintained a strong presence in the Asia Pacific industrial space for more than 60 years.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company, Motion has over 200 locations, 12 distribution centres, 30 repair and service centres, and more than 600,000 products available across the Asia Pacific region.

Such a reach has allowed Motion to form connections across a wide range of industries, including the mining, equipment and machinery sectors.

“Throughout its history, Motion has been connected to the mining industry across all major mining segments,” Motion Asia Pacific executive general manager – industrial solutions Nick Kerwin told Australian Mining.

“One of the founding businesses, CBC, received its first interstate customer order from a mining customer. This helped launch the Motion business outside New South Wales and started the connection with the Australian mining industry.

“CBC’s founder would travel by train to Mount Isa (Queensland) from Sydney over the weekend to arrive on-site before the competition and place orders for bearings and associated products.

“As of 2024, the mining industry is Motion Australia’s largest customer.”

Motion Engineering and Services refurbished the Fletcher CHDDR-17 track-mounted roof bolter.
Image: Motion

Motion offers products and solutions that perform efficiently in the toughest working conditions. Its range includes bearings, gearing and drives, sealing products, heavy-duty belting, and spare parts such as rollers, fasteners, cleaners and scrapers.

“Our range of replacement parts keeps equipment running and production on time,” Kerwin said. “We have a range of solutions to suit many different applications to help our customers get the best outcomes in challenging conditions.

“We are connected to the mining industry from the first extraction of raw material all the way to the large ship loaders and port facilities.”

Motion also offers solutions that are engineered, designed and manufactured according to the tailored needs of a customer or mining application.

“Our size, scale and variety of products, services and on-site solutions position us to be the trusted advisor to the mining industry,” Kerwin said.

“Our business is structured to offer the best in mechanical and power transmission, fluid power and engineering, design and services either on-site or remotely.”

Motion’s Western Australia team collaborates with a number of major mining partners to improve the lifecycle of conveyors, harnessing a holistic approach that puts the customer first.

“Rather than just supplying parts, we improved the outcome for these partners by tackling the issues of better sealing in aggressive conditions and handling misalignment that not only impacts the conveyor housing and drums but also the belt tracking and performance,” Kerwin said.

“It’s the extra steps we take to help achieve the best outcome that we are most proud of, as the customer is at the heart of everything we do.

“We are part of one of the largest industrial distributors on the planet. We spend lots of time working through challenges faced in a variety of geographies, and we use that strength and knowledge to ensure we are delivering solutions tailored to our customers’ requirements.”

Throughout 2024, Motion wants to continue supporting growth and innovation in the mining industry.

“We know the industry is working hard to achieve net-zero emission targets and there are ways we can support these initiatives,” Kerwin said.

“Globally, we’ve seen success in energy audits that have reduced waste, helping companies enjoy great improvements.

“We will continue to look at new ways to help improve the reliability and performance of plant and equipment.”

This feature appeared in the April 2024 issue of Australian Mining.

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