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Smart industry workshop: Securing the digital factory


The modern factory needs to make use of sensor data to automate processes and remain commercially viable. But what are the costs? Where does an operation start? How do they scale? And more importantly, how can they keep their operational data and assets secure from external exposure and threats? This workshop answers those questions.

As an automation solutions provider, ifm has been working with businesses to harness the benefits of digitalisation through an easy-to-use, effective IoT platform that addresses the concerns around cost and scalability. On the security side, ifm’s expert partner of cyber security, Darktrace ensures businesses can start leveraging the benefits of AI in automation safely and securely.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • About ifm’s IIoT platform and toolbox
  • Of success achieved with real case study examples from proof of concept to delivery
  • About Darktrace and what they provide to ensure security

Workshop presenters include:

  • Freddie Coertze, National IoT Business Manager and Digital Strategy Leader, ifm Australia
  • Oakley Cox, Analyst Technical Director at Darktrace for the APAC region

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