SICK has been shaping the mining industry for decades


With a wide range of sensors and systems for increasing safety and monitoring potentially hazardous situations in the mine site, SICK is your industry expert.

Precise and direct measurement of volume and position optimise material management on conveyors, crushers, stockpiles as well as while loading.

The localization of assets around the entire mine site can also be performed using a SICK solution.

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience in process automation; we offer sensor solutions, system integration, service and data evaluation from a single source.

From monitoring gas levels and air quality in mines to collision avoidance for vehicles at mine sites, to analysis and control of underground mining atmospheres.

SICK supply mine operator valuable safety and ventilation information, as well as data that identifies mine production areas in which people may or may not be working.

SICK‘s also include solutions for transporting and handling bulk material from the pit to port.

In addition, we offers solutions for tracking of mobile equipment, driver assistance, and tunnel warning systems in underground and surface mining operations.

Competent consulting, qualified planning support, detailed project planning and engineering, installation and start-up – SICK provides all of these services with our own personnel.

SICK is also available to provide service support of the equipment during scheduled outages and in emergency situations.

Collision warning on the rear of an excavator with 3D LiDAR sensors

On construction sites, excavators can often collide with objects while maneuvering or reversing due to reduced visibility around the rear of the vehicle.

The driver assistance system’s sensors must, therefore, be able to classify objects and their relevance to the collision warning system.

They do this by calculating object volume. The MRS1000 3D LiDAR sensor features an IP67 enclosure and detects up to 55,000 measuring points across four layers, enabling it to recognize objects located in the vehicle’s travel path in plenty of time.

Cutting-edge HDDM+ technology with multi-echo evaluation guarantees precise measurements, regardless of the weather conditions.

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