Shutdowns to startups: Motion’s crucial role in mining

Meet Harrison Hart, an area manager at Motion, managing a WA-based team specialising in hydraulic maintenance for iron ore miners.

Alongside Motion’s highly skilled engineering services team, Hart ensures essential support during shutdowns and beyond for the underground and hard rock mining segment.

Hart acknowledged that due to the nature of underground and hard rock mining, machinery is often running 24–7 which can cause issues.

“When mining machines that operate non-stop are turned off, there can be difficulties when it comes to restarting them,” he said.

As hydraulic experts, Hart and the engineering services team are often the first to be called upon to address any hydraulic-related issues during restarts.

Their expertise in hydraulic systems allows them to efficiently identify and resolve potential problems, ensuring a smooth resumption of operations.

Hart recognised the value they provide to customers.

“Our presence during shutdowns not only ensures routine maintenance but also guarantees reliable support when it matters most,” he said.

Beyond routine maintenance, Hart and the team actively seek opportunities for improvement.

“Our teams are always looking to find reliability issues or inefficiencies in the hydraulic equipment on site,” he said.

This proactive approach enables them to not only address existing challenges but also pave the way for innovative solutions to enhance mining processes.

Image: COG Advertising
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