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Securing industrial systems in a digital world

The mining industry today is more exposed to cyber security risks than ever before, as mining operations are moving to rely less and less on-site staff and more and more on digital systems that optimise productivity and minimise health and safety risks.

As distributed control systems become ever more critical to the operation of a mine, so does the need to protect these systems from interference.

The possibility of infection by the malicious code that infests the internet is one thing: the Stuxnet worm was one memorable example of a virus that targeted industrial control systems.

However, since then there has also been a sophisticated attack on a German steel mill that crippled a blast furnace, as well as many day-to-day attacks that don’t make it to the headlines, but which also cause damage and delay.

With ABB’s unique combination of mining experience and our suite of security measures, ABB is an indispensable partner for the mining company of the future.

Read the case study on how ABB supported the Boliden Mining Company in Sweden bolster its cyber security program.

Download this white paper to gain insights, understanding and recommendations on how to protect your mine’s operations.

This white paper will share insights to enhance your understanding of how governance, technology and business requirements intersect.

It will also illustrate ways in which organisations can leverage digitalisation opportunities to manage increasing risks better.

The paper will break down these risks to help your organisation address these sometimes overwhelming challenges.

Further, the paper offers recommendations for organisations to improve their cyber security posture in a holistic and sustainable model.

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