ScoMo considers lift Australia’s carbon emissions target

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has signalled another increase in the nation’s carbon emissions target in the wake of the national bushfire crisis.

Morrison told the ABC that the federal government could evolve its policy to not only meet its 26 per cent reduction target by 2030, but also beat it.

The government will do it “without a carbon tax, without putting up electricity prices, without shutting down traditional industries upon which regional Australians depend for their very livelihood,” the Prime Minister said.

Morrison, who is supportive of the mining industry, announced plans last year to cut complex project approval times from years to months.

He added that closing down Australia’s power generation facility would not be a solution, as China could take up those emissions in about nine days.

“The government’s policy is … to reduce emissions, to prepare our resilience for the future and prepare our adaption,” Morrison said.

“We’ve already announced those measures in Budgets and we’ve already put money towards those goals. That is the government’s policy.”

Morrison also emphasised there would be no change to the Australian Government’s position as a signatory to the Paris Agreement and its emissions reduction target.

“The (Australian) government is a signatory to Paris. That hasn’t changed. The Government’s commitment to 26 per cent emissions reductions has not changed. The Government’s commitments to take action have not changed and we’ll continue to do it,” he said.

“(The government policy) isn’t just restricted to bushfires. It deals with floods, it deals with cyclones, it deals with the drought which is affected by these broader issues.”

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