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Save time and money with on‑site calibration

Many mine sites are located hundreds of kilometres from their local service centre, making regular maintenance and calibration a real nuisance.

Of course, experienced operators know that without this essential process, machines would break down, costing even more money in downtime and repairs.

Fortunately, there is now a way for miners to continue working while the service centre came to them.

This whitepaper from Thermo Fisher Scientific discusses the importance of on-demand calibration services in an onerous mining environment. It examines the challenges of servicing and maintaining mining equipment in Australia and provides an overview of the calibration solutions available.

It includes short interview with Thermo Fisher Scientific National Laboratory Manager, Darren Smart, as he discusses the value of this service, and what inspired it in the first place.

Download the resource today and benefit from on-site calibration services tomorrow.

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