Sandvik rolls out Toro LH410 loader

Sandvik has unveiled the Toro LH410 loader, which features a superior lift height and revamped technologies for underground mining applications.

The company has based the Toro LH410 off the Sandvik LH410 loader, but has overhauled significant aspects that cemented its best in class productivity performance.

This is achieved in the Toro LH410 ramp speeds, fast bucket filling and superior lift height for easier truck loading.

Sandvik has also included its intelligent control system, which features a seven-inch touch screen display that is used as a user interface.

Sandvik product line manager small and low profile loaders, Kimmo Ulvelin said the Toro LH410 offered an capable loader in middle size class.

“With all its features, this truly is an advanced and intelligent piece of equipment, definitely comparable to the large i-series loaders – but naturally in a smaller package,” he said.

“We want to offer our customers possibilities for sophisticated and intelligent equipment also in the middle size class; and therefore Toro LH410 has the same Sandvik Intelligent Control System as the large Toro LH517i and Toro LH621i loaders, with the available traction control, operator speed assist and integrated weighing system, to name a few.”

The Toro LH410 is compatible with Sandvik’s AutoMine solutions, while the loader also features safety upgrades including a new retrieval hook, revamped door interlock, improved access ways and additional fire suppression system options.

Sandvik offers multiple diesel engines to power the Toro LH410 , including a fuel efficient Tier II diesel engine and the flagship stage V engine.

The stage V engine uses passive diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration that activates during normal operation.

This minimises downtime, while the machine’s modulating engine brake allows for improved braking and vehicle control downhill.

The LH410 kicks off this year’s launches of new equipment and upgraded models from Sandvik.

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