Safe mining reels manufactured in Australia

Local industrial reel users are turning to Reel Tech, an Australian company with more than 30 years’ experience in fluid handling, and its Pit Bull range of mining reels and safer reeling solutions.

The Pit Bull Reel range can be optioned with easy bolt on accessories designed to make them even safer and more productive.

Used by Australasia’s largest mining, oil, gas and transport companies, Reel Tech’s range covers all applications and environments.

What makes Reel Tech direct drive reels safer?

Reel Tech direct drive reels can be fitted with gearboxes or auto declutching systems, with no levers, buttons or electronics required.

Operators can simply pull and go with the lowest pull resistance. Ezy-Deploy clutch system offers smooth reel operation to minimise operator strain injuries and reduce excessive force that can prematurely damage equipment.

Difficult pull force on payout adds to the risk of strain injuries to operators. This auto declutching system dramatically reduces hose payout force, minimising strain injuries and eliminates chain and sprocket pinch points.

Safest reel for the toughest environment

With operator safety in mind, Reel Tech offers hose reels with a gearbox designed for safer rewind speeds and with rewind options including manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric.

Spring rewinds can also be adjusted to Reel Tech reel. Safe-R-Reel that helps minimise the chance of employee and equipment damage due to excessive hose ‘speed whip’ during rewind.

Excessive rewind speeds in motorised reels can cause hose to rapidly move. Rewind speed can be significantly reduced by 30 to 50 per cent by using Reel Tech’s brake cartridge system.

This speed control system is easy and inexpensive to fit into many or existing spring rewind reels and protects the operator and equipment.

This patented maintenance free non-belt / chain direct drive system ensures a controlled speed during rewind to reduce hose handling injuries.

Your hose reels no longer need to suffer from corrosion as all Pit Bull Reel range are hot dip galvanised, and as standard with stainless steel fluid paths. This means no painting, and the ability of the reel to flow corrosive fluid without the need to change the reel internals makes it versatile, safer and most cost effective on site. 


Pit Bull reels are designed with the patented Quick Change hub technology, which allows you to quickly change hose sizes and diameters.

These easy add-on option make Pit Bull Reels the most flexible reel and easiest direct drive reel to change out on site, saving time on the job.

Custom Solutions

The Pit Bull reels range suits most hose sizes from 0.5 to 2 inches I.D. hose, available in ultra-narrow to large sized hose reels.

Reel Tech has delivered numerous custom solutions from narrow reels for smaller space to fully automatic oversized reels.

You can also improve operator’s safety and handling with easy to bolt on accessories like Flat Winder that automatically layers the hose on the Reel, allowing single operator control.

There is no reason for the operator to have to walk back to the reel at all during the operation, as the system layers the hose onto the reel neatly every time.

The Reel Tech’s Reel-in-Control long range wireless-remote control system with adaptive frequency hopping makes it perfect for one-person hose handling applications, reducing multiple hose handling requirements. The operator has no need to touch the reel during rewind operations at all.

For custom made reel enquiries please fill out our form.

For information about our reel solutions, contact Reel Tech on sales@reeltech.com.au or visit reeltech.com.au.

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