SACOME annual report pushes South Australian resources sector

The South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME) has published its annual State Election document, which calls for a rejection of South Australian mining moratoria among its several suggestions.

SACOME chief executive officer Rebecca Knol stressed the importance of the resources sector to South Australia, saying it “could not be overstated”.

“With a portfolio that represents 34 per cent of the state’s exports, generating $208 million in royalties and employing 26,700 people,” she said, “prosperity for South Australia and the resource sector are inextricably linked.”

The report, entitled SACOME Priorities: State Election 2018, is split into four main sections focused on economic development, energy, infrastructure, and legislation and regulation.

As mentioned above, the report leads with a call for moratoria on resources exploration and development in South Australia to be rejected, as well as for PACE (Plan for Accelerating Exploration) funding to be increased. It also suggests that access to the WPA (Woomera Prohibited Areas) be arranged, the WPA having being granted prohibited status for national security reasons due to the significant military testing that takes place there.

Regarding energy policy, the report calls for greater collaboration between federal and state governments, with continued investment in electricity storage and maintaining gas affordability.

The report also called for improved regional port infrastructure and continued advancement of the proposed $200 million Joy Baluch Am bridge in Port Augusta, cited by the South Australian Government as a ‘critical link’ for the Spencer Gulf township and national land transport network.

Finally, the report suggests a number of regulatory moves, including greater transparency of land access processes in South Australia and a commitment to biodiversity conservation and environmental protection.

The report cites 2016 statistics from the South Australian Resources Information Gateway 2016 showing an annual $368 million capital expenditure, $208 million royalty contribution and $5.25 billion production value for the South Australian resources sector.

The full report can be read here.

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