Running a pipeline? Think layflat

Australian manufacturer Crusader Hose has the solution for the quick and easy deployment and retrieval of pipelines on mine sites: layflat hose pipeline systems.

All mining projects strive to remain efficient. Engineers measure efficiency in terms of volume and plant downtime. These two KPIs also gauge water logistics, a vital part of all mining projects. 

Crusader Hose understands the importance of effective project management by working closely with the mining industry and has developed layflat pipeline dewatering systems to support productivity.

The Waterlord mine dewatering system is valuable to any mine’s water logistics plan. Tough and durable to withstand high pressures and rough handling, Waterlord layflat large diameter hose can move water up to 500 litres per second. 

Crusader Hose pipeline systems will help move water easily and efficiently with customisable reels and turntables. The Waterlord reeling system will also help keep any mine operational.

Waterlord is a heavy-duty and reliable layflat mine dewatering hose. 

It is constructed by weaving a tight polyester reinforcement and using a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) through-the-weave extrusion process. 

It comes in a range of diameters from 40 millimetres to 305 millimetres. 

Although manufactured in standard 200-metre lengths, the continuous length hose is available in longer, customisable lengths. 

Its exterior is abrasion-resistant when appropriately handled, making it suitable for the rugged terrain typical to the mining industry.

Most recently, a mine in Western Australia urgently needed to move large amounts of water over four kilometres. 

Traditionally reliant on conventional poly pipe for temporary pipelines, the mining engineers knew time was of the essence.  

Crusader Hose came to the assistance with 4000 metres of 12-inch Waterlord with a turntable and couplings. 

Wound on reels, the compact layflat hose was dispatched on a single truck. 

Once it arrived at the mine, the four-kilometre Waterlord dewatering system was rapidly deployed by only three operators over two days, much faster than if they had used poly. 

Relieved at the speed at which the mining project could continue, the engineers hailed it as a life-saver. 

Crusader Hose is a world-leading manufacturer of layflat hose, and is recognised as having rapid and efficient dewatering systems. 

The company’s warehouse has large diameter Waterlord and other industrial layflat hose in stock. Based in Victoria, the experienced staff are ready to find solutions for all pumping needs.

“We are proud to be the only manufacturer of mine dewatering hose in Australia and with our capabilities, support the mining sector with world-standard high-quality products in a timely fashion,” Crusader Hose managing director Francois Steverlynck says. 

“There are many benefits in using flexible layflat hose, and we are eager to assist more mining engineers in finding the right solution for their dewatering requirements.”  

This article appears in the February issue of Australian Mining. 

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