RPMGlobal bolsters ESG tech with Eden Suite


RPMGlobal has acquired the exclusive rights within the mining industry to Eden Suite’s Environmental Data Management and Reporting software, building on the advisory’s sustainable technology focus.

RPMGlobal has consulted with the mining industry for more than 50 years and recognised the current need for technology to improve environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials.

RPMGlobal chief executive officer and managing director Richard Mathews said this acquisition further enhance the company’s recent acquisitions in the space.

“RPM’s ESG Consulting and Advisory division has an enviable reputation in ESG matters and the establishment of a dedicated technology vertical focussed on ESG technology will further bolster their credentials,” Mathews said.

“This strategic acquisition provides RPM’s mining customers with a proven ESG focussed solution that has been specifically built and tailored for the sole purposes of supporting users with their environmental management and reporting requirements.”

Developed by enterprise systems integration specialist Intelligent Pathways, Eden Suite is an Australian software that has supported carbon and data management for 10 years.

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) allows companies to track, predict and prepare for emissions outputs while reporting them to regulators and investors.

Mathews explained how Eden Suite’s software will integrate for RPMGlobal.

“RPM’s emissions management solution will be entirely web-based and cloud delivered and is configured to reflect an organisation’s asset hierarchy,” he said.

“Inputs are then measured by vehicle, fleet or at an individual asset level allowing granular reporting and flexibility of changes which is important for historical and auditable reporting.”

Mining companies are increasingly required to undertake time-sensitive statutory reporting for ESG, according to Mathews, and RPMGlobal’s ESG software suite takes some of the hassle out.

“With the RPM Emissions Management Software solution, a site or an entire organisation can generate annualised emissions submissions that can be summarised into daily emissions trends per activity or even source,” Mathews said.

Eden Suite’s chief executive officer Peter Robertson said he was glad to see an industry leader like RPMGlobal taking advantage of the technology.

“RPM is ideally positioned within the mining industry to further the growth of this software solution within the market,” Robertson said.

“RPM is an industry leader in the mining consulting and advisory space and has a proven track record developing and integrating technology.”

The acquisition will be closed on December 17 for an expected $400,000.

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