RPMGlobal advances mine design process


RPMGlobal’s Strategic Design Optimiser (SDO) for stope development and design will hit its first mine site in 2021 following an inaugural sale to a Canadian mine.

During RPMGlobal’s extensive testing period, the company perfected SDO’s ability to evaluate and analyse strategic scenarios for robust decision making in mining.

SDO features the industry standard mine shape optimiser (MSO), which generates first past development using RPM Global’s development optimiser.

This eliminates the need to draw every part of the mine design, allowing end-users to perform strategic design work in one package.

Miners can use SDO to make small tweaks to designs in one area and have these changes apply to the rest of the design, a task that would take days to edit manually in conventional computer-aided design (CAD) based programs.

SDO combines parametric design principles with leading optimisation algorithms so miners can generate, change and update designs on the fly.

The SDO design tool emphasises visual results on plots, graphs and tables so users can interpret the best scenario quickly and with confidence and eliminate unviable scenarios early in the design process.

RPM Global chief executive officer Richard Mathews said the sale to a Canadian mining customer reflects its team’s dedication to bring SDO to the market through industry collaboration with its partners.

“It’s very pleasing to see SDO gaining traction in the North American market and we are confident this sale will spur further interest in our leading strategic design packages heading into 2021,” Mathews said.

“RPM remains committed to providing its customers with the most advanced mining technology solutions and our continued investment in the design and scheduling suite will help ensure mine planners continue to unlock new levels of capability.

“We are passionate about assisting the industry solve complex problems at every stage of the mining value chain and we are looking forward to helping many more operations deliver a fundamental step-change in the mine planning and design phase.”

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