Rotary blast-hole drilling rig

ADVANCED drilling technology, training systems and rock-bolting products will take centre stage at Atlas Copco’s Stand 316 at the show.

Blast-hole drilling rig

The PV 275 Pit Viper multi-pass rotary blast-hole drilling rig will go on display at an Australian mining expo for the first time.

Ideally suited to overburden drilling, the PV 275 tophead-drive, track-mounted unit can drill to about 60m and deliver bit load force up to 311.4kN.

Standard drill pipe diameter is 270mm.

As at other mining shows around the world, all eyes are expected to be on the world’s fastest rock drill, the COP 3038 hydraulic unit that operates at 102 Hz — almost twice the blow frequency of its predecessor, the COP 1838 ME, for a 50% higher penetration rate.

Silence please

In a quiet corner of the stand at AIMEX, Atlas Copco will also have on show a ROC D9 “Silenced” SmartRig, one of the new generation range of ground-breaking rigs with a noise level about 10 dB(A) below that of other drills on the market.

With an advanced silencing system made up of several components which work to reduce the overall noise level, the ROC D9 can operate close to urban areas and other sound-sensitive locations.

Advanced training

A new generation portable drill jumbo simulator offers an advanced training tool for putting new and experienced operators through realistic exercises and scenarios.

Speeding delivery of training and allowing it to occur safely without exposing trainees and actual production machines during employee upskilling.

Making a comeback at AIMEX is the Atlas Copco Swellex rock bolt brand.

A new type of rock bolt that can adapt to rock deformation or displacement underground, while maintaining a constant load capacity, has been developed by the company as part of its commitment to safer and more productive solutions in ground engineering and rock reinforcement.

The Roofex bolt is a new type of deep mine rock bolt that adapts itself to various types of rock movement.

Roofex is especially suitable for developing new, deep underground excavations in poor quality rock or in areas where rock burst or seismic events are frequent.

All that Jazz

The latest addition to the Secoroc range of drill bit grinding equipment, Grind Matic Jazz, is a rig-mounted, semi-automatic unit that uses Atlas Copco’s patented profiled diamond grinding wheels to restore work spherical and ballistic button bits to new condition.

Designed to economically grind cemented carbide and steel in a single operation, the Grind Matic Jazz swings out on its drill-cabin front mounting for easy access when it’s time to sharpen bits.

A big hit

Meanwhile, the mantle of “world’s biggest volume-produced hydraulic breaker” has finally been passed on from Atlas Copco’s HB 7000 and now rests with the 10-tonne HB 10000 unit launched earlier this year in Europe and set to make its Australian debut at AIMEX.

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