Rockmore launches new series of down the hole drills

Rockmore International has released a new series of DTH hammer drills – the ROK 600T.

According to the company it is the first model in its class, and will be launched at the National Ground Water Association exhibition in Las Vegas, in December.

The ROK 600T os a six inch class model with high performance drilling rated for driling 155 to 178 millimeter diameter holes for blast hole applications.

It is also suitable for water well drilling.

In addition to its new high performance features, the new T Series design hammers come with drill bits with standard shank connections that no longer require plastic parts such as blow tubes or foot valves.

"The elimination of this plastic part associated with the drill bit offers various technical and economic advantages," Rockmore International said.

"We recognised a trending demand in the DTH drilling sector for a high performance DTH tool that could utilise industry standard drill bits without plastic components in order to increase reliability yet not compromise drilling efficiency,"  Pejman Eghdami, Rockmore executive vice president, said.

The T Series is tubeless, and is able to use industry bit shanks without the embedded plastic components.

By removing the traditional plastic components from the bit shank section it halts the likelihood of blow tube/foot valve breakages on DTH bits during drilling, which bring an immediate halt to drilling.

"This is particularly damaging to drill time efficiency if such interruptions occur in deep-hole applications, requiring the hammer to be retrieved out of the hole for bit replacement," the company said. 

"The T series hammers will alleviate such costly down time by elimination of the plastic bit component that is susceptible to breakage," it added.

"With our emerging T class DTH hammers, we are offering the drilling community a balanced solution of improved reliability without compromising any drilling performance. And impressively, we have achieved this by incorporating standard industry shank connections into the overall design concept," Eghdami added.

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